What do you do when someone keeps disagreeing with you?

People don’t like it when they’re disagreed with. So next time someone has an objection, agree with it then add your own point at the end.

“I agree with A and would like to add B”

You can use this in a variety of ways.

“I agree that product XYZ is pricier than others and I would like to add that it has extremely valuable features that are not offered by any of the existing competitors.”

or go harder…

“I agree that this product XYZ is pricer than it’s counterparts and would like to add that the issue here isn’t the price of the product but the how much time its going to save you and how much profit you will generate, which I may add is being offered to you now at a 30% discount.”

Does this mean I have to say yes to everything the potential customer says?

Yes, but you don’t have to agree with every bit that they say or something you don’t necessarily like.

If you don’t agree AT ALL with anything they said, agree that they said it. I know this sounds bizarre but it works.

“I agree that you lambasted my business and would like to add that only someone with the least amount of professional experience would say something like that.”

I just called someone an amateur. It’s STILL better to agree with them than disagree with them. People are universally hardwired to like people who agree with them. They react positively to agreements. This is an excellent technique during arguments because it defuses other people’s defences. When someone agrees with you, their brain automatically lowers its defenses. The moment someone disagrees with you, their defenses are high and they’re most likely ready to fight to defend their position even if they’re wrong or make no sense. That’s just how the human brain works.

Take advantage of the fact that people love seeing people agree with them. All you have to do is show the other person there’s another way of viewing a topic or issue.

“I agree that you disagree with … and your perspective is one of many.”

When you reply take caution how often you use the word ‘but’. People perceive this as a point of disagreement and an excuse. People don’t like excuses. Use “and” instead!


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